A new international touring  way at the Baltic seaside to get acquainted with Latvian and Lithuanian cultural history and nature and for an active tourism.
The city of Ventspils is located northwest of Latvia. Near the mouth of river Venta in Baltic sea. 189 km from capital city Riga.
Liepaja is the first city which flashing lights can be seen by European seamen. It's also the third biggest city in Latvia.
Klaipeda is Lithuania‘s only gateway to the sea, and the most notherly ice-free port on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea.
Saaremaa is the biggest island in the Baltic Sea that belongs to Estonia. It has preserved its uniqueness due to its geographical location – its insulation from the rest territory of Estonia.
The centre of Talsi region is one of the most picturesque Latvian towns. Nine hills and two lakes create the scenery only characteristic of Talsi. The most beautiful time here is during blossoming of cherries and apple-trees.
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Ventspils and Liepaja – the two largest cities at the Eastern - Latvian shore of the Baltic Sea , as well as Klaipeda – the largest Lithuanian sea port, have commenced a purposeful and long-lasting co-operation to make  a tourist proposal of the region diversified and more interesting for the guests. Since Latvia’ s and Lithuania’ s accession to the EU, the interest of Europeans in the Baltic States has considerably grown, crossing of borders is much more simplified. That is why efforts have been paid  to create  a new international touring route  The Baltic Shore which is being presented by the present edition for the first time.

Let us advise You to get acquainted  within The Baltic Shore with Latvian and Lithuanian cultural history and nature, as well as to rest at the Baltic Sea, so famous  with its broad and sandy beaches.